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WATERSHED+ is an innovative and unique public art program hosted by Utilities and Environment Protections department of the City of Calgary.

WATERSHED+ is a way of working that aims to develop awareness and pleasure in the environment, not by changing water management practice, nor developing a uniform visual language, but rather by creating a climate of opportunity for water initiatives to build an emotional connection between people and the watershed.

Its guiding motive is to embed artists and, more specifically, their creative process within UEP core activities and the Calgary watershed. This program presents an innovative approach to public art and a distinct way of working with the public and other partners.

WATERSHED+ proposes a long term plan which represents a major step in taking creative practice further into the day-to-day activities of UEP and implementing new working methods and processes.

WATERSHED+ is currently in its Pilot Period, an initial 18 months to establish and develop the foundations of the program.

The WATERSHED+ program was developed by artist team sans façon through the UEP Public art Plan. Sans façon has been selected as the Lead artist for the pilot period.